Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wishing to get Lula magazine #12

I remember buying my first Lula Magazine in Paris, 2008. I fell in love with the cover, the face of the model and mood stole my heart! Up till today I still can't find this magazine in Malaysia :(  I can only google Lula and hope to see some images of the latest edition. Booooooo!!!! To all magazine stores in KL, please start stocking up!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I love my nails !!

Girls, look at these nails!!!!! I am so into 3D nail arts these days. I hand picked these beeeeeautiful sparkling nail accessories from the last sourcing trip and decided to buy them back for all of you girls.  JOY doesn't just stop here, i have created a few unique designs and would love to spread the happiness around.

Therefore, I am organizing 2 days of free manicure sessions, to share my gorgeous designs with all of you. Limited pieces of accessories and slots available, so girls........please book with us and be pampered. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

NewMan 8th anniversary!!

Hi all... My fault for the delay again... had too much going on. I promise to update my blog constantly.. :P  Went to 7atenine (not tooooo long ago :P) for NewMan 8th anniversary!!! Happy birthday once again NewMan Mag!!!

 They had live band and lucky draw. The main sponsors were GLENMORANGIE, DKNY , BlackBerry, MINOX, FLORSHEIM, MOMODESIGN, KILKENNY , 8TV and HITACHI. Free flow whiskey and beer........ weeeeeee :)

Kok Wah + Victor + Angie


NewMan editor Eugene Ng + I

It has been a while since i last attended social events like this. I knew Eugene long time ago but when we met in the event he could not really recognize me. Maybe because i put on a lot of KGs!
Joey G-emcee on that night

Patricia sue-Lin Knudsen + Joey G

Bumped into a famous + hot blogger from SG......

Dawn Yang + I

 I had a wonderful nite! Met up with alot of familiar faces and most of them cannot really recognise me anymore. I think i must go out more..

Sunday, 12 June 2011

i am back !!!

Firstly i wanna apologize for not updating my blog. Soooo sorry!!! Had too much to do in so little time. Just got back from my business trip and last 2 days was my birthday, had a few lil celebrations. Can feel the extra year old already :(   Hmmm..... Have so much to share and this is one of it, an awareness event i attended last month. I must blog about this. 

We all know that we are not in the safest country, especially for girls carrying handbag and walking on the street. We see these cases almost everyday in the papers and I myself have seen a snatch case that happen a few years back in Telawi, very near the pondok police! Those f*** up people did this in broad day light and rode away happily! Urghhhhh!!!. 
Marie Claire had this great "Reclaim Our Streets" event to create more awareness on how to prevent and stop this immoral act!

 Sally + I

The event was held at M Store Gardens. We saw all familiar faces. :)

Sally + Stephanie Chai + Deborah Henry + I

Yes.. I am signing the petition!!!
Marie Claire Editor, Mindy Teh. We first met at gallo by thianBSC. She has been very supportive towards local brands like us. Thanks Mindy!!!

Deborah was the emcee.

Mindy giving a short but strong speech :)

Supporting the event!

After the event, we went up to our store to kill some time. 

Drinking the invincible tea.. Hahaha
 Ms Bunny + I
Jumpsuit - gallo by thian

Hair pin - bangkok

Heels - Zara

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I miss Singapore Part 2

Part 2!!! After lunch at chatterbox, we had peanut ice cream. Sally made a choice to gain some weight so she ate 2 cones. Lol. I had my favorite chocolate flavored *wink*
While shopping i found a dress that has similar design with Maurice's outfit. Seeeee :)
She was wearing a jumpsuit though. Looks similar rite?
She is full of expressions. Look at her poses, her own style. 

Awesome dinner at Kudeta!! Fine food, wonderful environment and most important, a marvelous view of Singapore. Too bad i have no pictures to show as i forgot my flash and it was just too dark....booooooo...... 

Maurice dressed up for dinner.
Cutie Maurice :)

After dinner, we headed straight for the bar next door. Maurice ran to the entrance but was block by the host. He told Maurice 'sorry darling, you can only come back 20 years' :( Which means i cant go in too!! 
Looks like the Moet we bought yesterday huh. Yes they are!!! My friends that ditch me earlier, woke me up at 3 a.m to drink. These people are crazily fun!
I was drinking with them in my pajamas. Lol. I had a cracked up night with these wild party animals!

Sally + Jia Hui + Bryan + Jeremy + Andy
Poor room service guy has to serve us nasi goreng and white wine in such wee hours. 
2 bottle of Moet gone in less than one hour.
Poor Jia Hui....Bryan dipped her heels inside the ice bucket. All wet!
Sleeping beauty + Moet

Party ended at 5:30 a.m. It is time for Jia Hui, Jeremy and Andy to go home and prepare for work later. They only have time to get back to change and maybe have breakfast. Poor guys, i cant imagine what they will do in the office.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I miss Singapore!! part 1

I needed a break badly as i have been working and working. I took a vacation to Singapore last week and it was a wonderful + relaxing holiday. I had so much fun with my baby princess Maurice as she is always bubbly and seeing her just cheers me up!

Full of mischievous expressions.

We stayed at Marina Bay Sands. We had a huge room and a superb view! Have to thank Sally for an awesome trip arrangement :)

We had the best chicken rice for brunch. It was my favorite and I ate it for 2 days in a row. Just imagine how much i looooove it! Chatterbox is located in the Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

Must visit!!!
 Jia Hui + Sally
I will definitely be back. I miss the chicken rice NOW :(

We saw this extremely cute Moet Chandon pack in ION. Cant resist the temptation.

We each bought one.
Maurice wanted to take a picture too... Lol
 Munching her donut 
Crumbs all over Lol

We went back to TWG in Marina Sands for tea as there was a long queue in TWG Ion.

I really like this stand lamp. It is so vintage and is made out of beads. Can i get one plssssss?
Besides fine tea TWG serves some fabulous desserts too. Yummy..:P
 Dark chocolate cake - Maurice's favorite
Raspberry crepe (i do not like sour desserts) 
 Perfect pair, macaroon + tea
Absolutely her favorite
 Sipping her tea. 
Loving it!